Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Centrality of Jesus Christ

Sitting next to me is a thick book entitled,
The Centrality of Jesus Christ which contain
five books on one subject--Jesus Christ.

'T Austin-Sparks is one of the great figures of the
twentieth century who ministered outside of the
organized church. He spoke at many conferences,
both in Europe and America, published over 100
books and pamphlets--the majority of which have
been lost. T Austin-Sparks and Watchman Nee,
more than any other men, have influenced the lives
of Believers outside of the traditional church.'
(Seed Sowers)

I do so enjoy reading the works written by authors
in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Never
light, but deeply penetrating, often bringing me
back to sections of scripture I thought I knew...
but not really. I may lose all my readers as I
attempt to share some of the concepts in regards
to scripture, as understood by T Austin-Sparks, but
there are things that I want to take hold of!

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