Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Our Dual Problem

Our dual problem: SINS AND SIN

'The first eight chapters of Romans form a self-
contained unit. Chapters one to chapter 5:11 form 
the first half, chapters 5:12 to 8:19 lays out the 
second half. In the first section we find that Paul 
uses the plural form and refers to sins. In the 
second section, however, this is changed, for 
while the word 'sins' hardly occurs once, the 
singular word 'sin' is used again and again. Why?'

'It is because in the first section it is a question 
of the many sins I have committed before God, 
whereas in the second it is a question of sin as a 
principle working within. It is this sin-principle 
that leads to our sinning. I need forgiveness for 
my sins, but I need also deliverance from the 
power of sin. The former touches my conscience, 
the latter, my life...Once I have received 
forgiveness of sins I make a new discovery, 
namely the discovery of 'sin'--something is still 
wrong within...'

'We shall see that the Blood deals with what we 
have done, whereas the Cross deals with what 
we are. The Blood disposes of our sins, while the
Cross strikes at the root of our capacity for sin.'
(Watchman Nee, somewhat paraphrased)

Reader, the words above were what began my
journey to living in greater victory. If you can
grasp the difference between sins and sin, you
are on your way to freedom in Christ! I will
expand on this in the coming days.

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