Monday, July 11, 2016

Old Nature; New Nature

'Even as I,
So ye also.
Jn 15:10

The life of the vine and the branch is so
identified as being one, that the
manifestation of that life in the branch,
looks like the vine.

'When the Lord Jesus redeemed us with 
his blood and presented us to the Father
in His righteousness, He did not leave us 
in our old nature to serve God as best we 
can. No, in Him dwelt eternal life--the 
holy divine life of heaven--and anyone who 
is in Him, receives the same eternal life in 
its holy, heavenly power into the new nature. 
Jesus tells us that the new life has been 
bestowed so that we may walk, even as He 
walked. A Christian is to think, speak, and 
act as Jesus did; as was Jesus, even so are 
we.' Andrew Murray

Reader--What if we think that we still have
our old sinful nature? So many Christians
talk about their sinful old man. Bottom line
is that we have to know that we have a new
nature and then make the deliberate choice to
walk like Him. It must be sought with strong
desire. It is our choice to surrender--or to
resist God in any given situation. The world
tells us to grab all you can get; our Lord says
'give yourself to Me and fully abide.' It is
possible to walk even as He walked.

I am so challenged by this today!

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