Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Risen and Hidden

In re-reading through the scriptures after the
resurrection I again noticed something new to
me. Jesus was mistaken for:
  • the gardner
  • a stranger in town
  • a man walking on the beach.
God has been raised from the dead, but He is
not covered in glory with rays flooding from 
His hands. Granted people are not expecting
the resurrection and are not looking for Him,
but He looks rather ordinary to those who
knew Him. In each situation He says or does
something that reveals who He is. Walking 
into a locked room is one way of getting 
their attention, but for one person, it was
simply saying her name.

Jesus could have appeared as He did to John 
in Revelation 1:13-16, but He did not.

Reader, one of these days Jesus will appear
in all of His Glory, but for now He comes
to us in subtle ways that we will miss if we
are not looking for Him.

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