Monday, January 20, 2014


It is now Sunday, January 19th. I sit in the same
chair, but the sun is hidden, has been hidden, by
clouds and fog for the past week. The madness
of the move has settled leaving an unfilled void.
Just as the trees stand heavy with ice, so my
heart has been heavy with the loss. How does
one shut down the last eleven years of familiar
roads, favorite restaurants, church, but most
of all, the friendships? We traded our townhouse
on a lake for a farmhouse surrounded by corn
fields and a train across the road! The boxes
are unpacked, but everything has not yet found
a home. Clutter.

As I sit here writing the clouds are rolling away
to reveal a late afternoon sun. The ice is falling
like rain off the fur tree.

The sun has shown everyday, but has been
obscured by clouds.The goodness of God has
not changed, but has been obscured by change,
loss, and distance--on my part.

Thankful corner:
The sharp crunch of snow giving way as Jake
and I walk through a field of white on a foggy

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