Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Another long word. Few truly "get" sanctification.
Well, not in the way most Christians expect.
Surely we have to work, pray, read our Bibles,
serve others, in order to be sanctified! Right? Not so!
Our sanctification is a gift and His name is Jesus.
God does not need our help for us to become Holy.
Our sanctification is a person.

"…who (Jesus) of God is made unto us wisdom: 
and righteousness, and sanctification, and 
redemption." 1 Corinthians 1:30

Many, most Christians including myself, believe or
have believed that a person must have the power
of sanctification before he can produce the fruits of
sanctification. But scripture tells us that when we have
Christ we have sanctification. I bump up against pride.
Ouch! I want to be humble, I really do. For years I
prayed and asked God to make me humble. I knew
I needed his help in this matter, but nothing changed.
Then I discovered--oh, glorious discovery--that God
gave me Christ, who is my humility! What does this
mean? It means that I do not have any humility in
myself. Not any. So, I cannot in my own strength
or even in his power, be humble. I can only say to the
Lord, "You are my humility. I allow you to become
humility in me." I exchange that which I do not have
for Jesus Himself, who is humility.

How  many of you cry out for patience? You have
no patience in yourself, but through surrender and
trust in His glorious Self, the mighty God who dwells
within you, He will manifest patience in that moment
you need it.

Can the Christian life really be so simple? Yes! May
God open your eyes to the freedom that is in our


Thankful Corner:
I texted with my son last night.

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