Monday, August 19, 2013

"I'm Here, O Lord"

David is all over the map in Psalm 27. He is
confident, he is seeking God, but in verse seven,
the tone changes. Up until this point David is
talking about his journey, but now a cry erupts
from his heart.

"I'm doing what you have asked, Lord.
I am seeking You.
Where are You?
Have You cast me off for some reason?
Have You forsaken me?"
(Paraphrase of Ps 27:8,9)

Here are the words of a desperate man, in a
desperate place, who feels alone--cast off--
separated--, just when he needs God. How
easy it is to base my relationship with God
on my surrounding circumstances. I tank.

"Does God seem far away?
Well, who do you think moved?"


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