Thursday, August 3, 2017

The New Age Movement

We are still considering those things that Jesus said will
point to the last seven years. It seemed important to Him
that we be aware of the time. He gave many sermons in
this regard and scripture is full of prophecy that has not
yet been fulfilled. We are 'to watch,' 'to be alert,' 'to be
sober,' 'and to wait with expectancy.'

The New Age Movement began about 1875 with the
false teachings of Helen Blavatsky who was part of an
occult group called the Theosophical Society. They
espoused the abolishment of Christianity, Judaism, and
Islam with all other religions becoming one.

In the 1920's these teachings were picked up and expan-
ded by Alice Bailey who formed the 'Lucifer Publishing
Company' to help print and promote these ideas. It was
Bailey who established the symbol of the rainbow as
their identification sign and discussed topics like: a reli-
gious war, forced distribution  of the world's resources,
mass planetary initiations and theology for a new world
order, world-wide disarmament, and elimination of
obstinate religions. She even discussed the sacredness
of the number, 666. (Bet you thought these ideas were
brand new....)

Here is a short list of their core beliefs

All is god: the earth, man, animals, and plants

Each one of us has the ability to become 'the Christ' or
'the Christ-consciousness.

Man is destroying the earth along with the animals and
plants. Unless he changes his ways, 'Mother Earth' will
be forced to destroy humanity. Christianity is the biggest
culprit destroying the earth by teaching that man had
dominion over the earth when the earth is a living being.

There is no such thing as sin and no need to repent.

Jesus is but one of many great teachers such as Buddha,
Muhammad or Confucius.

Mankind should seek direction directly through 'the spirit
world' via a psychic, channeler, palm reader, astrology,
angels, space aliens, dead relatives, meditation, etc.

All religions (except orthodox Christianity) are equal in

In order for the world to be at peace and harmony there
must be a New World Order, universal monetary system,
world authority o food, health, water, a universal tax,
military draft, one world leader, and the abolishment of

Why keep picking on Christianity? Well, beside the fact
that it is truth, Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and 
the life, no one comes to the Father except by me.
John 14:6.

The source of my research is The Final Countdown, by
Billy Crone. I am just skimming the top of all his
carefully researched material. Yesterday I came across
his testimony. He was deep into the occult, then deep
into humanism, then deep in the New Age--when Jesus
set him free. I have included his story below:

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