Thursday, August 31, 2017

Our Hope Comes From Him

My hope comes from him.   Psalm 62:5

So often we simply neglect to look for the answers
to what we have asked, which shows the lack of
earnestness in our petitions. A farmer is never con-
tent until he reaps a harvest; a marksman observes
whether or not his bullet has hit the target; and a
physician examines the effect of the medicine he
prescribes. Should a Christian be any less careful
regarding the effect of his labor in prayer?

Every prayer of the Christian whether for temporal
or spiritual blessings, will be fully answered if it
meets certain biblical requirements. It must be
prayed in faith and in accordance with God's will.
It must rely on God's promise, be offered up in the
name of Jesus Christ, and be prayed under the in-
fluence of the Holy Spirit.

God always answers the general intent of His
people's prayers. He does so not only to reveal His
own glory but also to provide for the Christian's
spiritual and eternal welfare. Since we see in Scrip-
ture that Jesus Christ never rejected even a single
petitioner who came to Him, we can believe that no
prayer made in His name will be in vain.

The answer to our prayer may be coming, although
we may not discern its approach. A seed that is under-
ground during winter, although hidden and seemingly
dead and lost, is nevertheless taking root for a later
spring and harvest. Bickersteth

Delayed answers to prayer are not only trials of faith;
they also give us opportunities to honor God through
our steadfast confidence in Him even when facing
the apparent denial of our request.  Spurgeon

Reader, there is a petition that is now decades old,
but what is so wonderful is that the longer I wait,
the more excited I am at what God is going to do!
It has gone from despair to expectancy.

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