Monday, February 13, 2017


He giveth quietness (Job 34:29)

'He gives quietness in the midst of the raging storm.
As we sail the lake with Him, reaching deep water
far from land, suddenly, under the midnight sky, a
mighty storm sweeps down. Earth and hell seem
mobilized against us, and each wave threatens to
overwhelm our boat. Then He rises from His sleep
and rebukes the winds and the waves. He waves
His hand, signaling the end of the raging tempest
and the beginning of the restful calm. His voice is
heard above the screaming of the wind through 
the ropes and rigging, and over the thrashing of
the waves. "Quiet! Be still" Can you not hear it?
And instantly there is a great calm. "He giveth
quietness"--quietness even in the midst of losing 
our inner strength and comforts....He draws near 
and whispers the assurance of His presence,bring-
ing an infinite calm to keep our hearts and minds.' 
(Streams in the Desert)

Dear heart, Our Lord may not make the storm go
away on the outside but He can still the storm on
the inside.

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