Friday, May 8, 2015

Hope Deferred

It was graduation time from nursing school and
four of us rented a two bedroom apartment near
the hospital which resided in West Philly. Four
newly minted grads working odd hours, came
home with hilarious stories. We laughed through
dinner and left notes of encouragement, some of
which ended up on the wall. My favorite was:

"Hope deferred makes the 
        heart sick. 
But when the desire comes, 
        it is a tree of life."
(Prov 13:12)

The meaning was clear. One day a certain
prince charming would be found around the
next corner. He would fulfill all our dreams.

Fast forward fifty years and that verse takes
on a whole new dimension, a new flavor.
The desire is a longing for the real thing,
the True Prince, Himself.

Ah, reader, the best is yet to come!

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