Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Walk at Sunset

We set out, Jake and I, just before sunset. As we turn
right onto the path beside the *Galloway Ditch, we
meet some chickens and some young chicks. Just
past the chickens is a grazing horse. On the left just
across the Ditch are half grown lambs with their
Mamas. A little further and we look down on the
soccer field beyond which we can see a herd of
cattle eating one last snack before bed. Jake runs
to and fro on the path, ends up encountering some
Goat Heads and comes to me to pull out the painful
stickers all ready deep into his paw. Ouch! (There
must be some sort of downside to this lovely place!)

The sun is now like a fire in the evening sky and is
reflected in the moving water as we head for home.

*This area is at 2,000 ft above sea level, has a dry
and a wet season. The land is watered by a series
of canals and wells fed by the snow pack. This
was a dry warm winter and there was no snow pack,
but there is water enough for the summer.

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