Monday, December 9, 2013


On Saturday we woke to a white world; still,
beautiful, cold--too cold for Jake to carry a ball.
The wind picked up and the temperature stayed
low. How low? It was minus eleven degrees
on Sunday morning. Roads had been plowed
but remained snow packed. In borrowed boots
I walked down to a small park that accesses the
Snake River. Suddenly the sun came out
revealing millions of tiny jewels sparkling from
the snow, unseen in shadow. My feet crunched
as I walked. I stopped. In the stillness I heard a
scraping sound that drew me to the rivers edge.
Ice islands were drifting, bumping into each other,
growing bigger, then bonding to the ice pressed
into the shore. As I stood there a duck rose
splashing up from the icy water. The setting sun
painted the clouds a light pink.

This has been the best quiet time. As I relive the
wonder of my walk yesterday, I am amazed at
how God staged and orchestrated each scene as
I walked the frozen earth. I was on Holy ground.
It was for my eyes He showed off.

I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart,
I will tell of all they wonders,
I will be glad and exult in Thee,
I will sing praise to Thy Name,
O Most High.
(Ps 9:1,2)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, how wonderful! Looks like you guys are settling in quite well in Idaho. I'm so happy for you Jane.