Thursday, December 5, 2013


We have moved many times in our marriage.

In every move there is a space between what was and
what will be. One door shuts--a click; no going back.
But, the way ahead is fuzzy, without substance,
without form. It has only been two months since we
made the decision to move to Arizona. That changed
and we arrived in Idaho four weeks ago. In this "between,"
we have not had easy access to the internet, have overspent
our phone minutes, and have lost our e-mail server. Each
move has its challenges, but this one is unique. I realize
that just ten years ago, cell phones and internet did not
play a big part, but today, one goes through withdrawal!
Our goods come next week, but it will be January before
we leave that feeling of "between," and begin to put
together our new life.

Papa, I know that all things work together for good.
ALL things, even this crazy period when time seems to
stand still. Open my eyes to all your gifts today. You never
stop giving. I stop seeing.

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