Wednesday, October 31, 2018


If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into
the pit. Matthew 15:14

It is a fatal mistake to suppose that, in order to pluck
people out of the fire, we must go into the fire our-
selves. This would never do. The best way to deliver
people from an evil position is to be thoroughly out
of that position myself.

How can I best pull a man out of quicksand? Surely
not by going into the quicksand, but by standing on
firm ground and from thence lending him a helping
hand. I cannot pull a man out of anything unless I
am out myself. If we want to help the people of God
who are mixed up with the surrounding ruin, the first
thing for ourselves is to be in thorough and decided
separation; and the next thing is to have our hearts
brimful and flowing over with tender and fervent love
to all who bear the precious name of Jesus.
CH Mackintosh 1820-1896--An Irishman was one of
the most prolific Brethren writers. He is still widely
read today. Check out his biography:

Reader, I am finding that most of my days go differently
than planned. It seems to me that time is flying and I
am, somehow, running to catch up with myself. It has
crossed my mind to cut something out--like the blog?
No, that is His desire, not my choice. However, the
numbers have fallen way down lately and the comments
are removed almost as soon as they are posted, so I
am pretty sure that this site is being shadow banned.
Please hit "like" on my FB page. I don't have any idea
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